Notification settings are required to obtain links that propagate through SMS & SNS. Message content is stored only on your phone.

The default browser setting is required when determining whether the Internet address (URL) that you have entered is malicious or not. It helps you block Internet addresses (URLs) in more depth so that you don’t click on them even if you accidentally. Even if you set “All Catcher” as the default browser, you can still use the browser you used.

Location setting is necessary to identify information such as the first distributor, the affected area, and the source. It helps to increase the blocking rate by identifying the starting point of voice phishing and smishing.

“Caution” includes adding friends on KakaoTalk, adding open chats, adding channels, and Telegram, which can lead to damage such as phishing or scams by inducing them to stock reading rooms.

“Warning” refers to remote control, malicious URLs, adult sites, and illegal gambling, where financial damage or personal information is mainly caused.

This is a phenomenon that occurs when advertisements to expose are insufficient. Please try again in a little while.

‘All Catcher’ is an app that blocks malicious URLs in messages. It does not detect simple messages without URLs.

The longer the message is stored, the more storage your phone will use, and it is developed to store only three days’ worth of storage.

This feature has been deleted by Google policy.

There is a withdrawal button at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions.

If you set the Chrome browser to Disable, the screen won’t go over.

If you find “chrome” in the Play store and click Use, the link will connect normally.

If you sign up for a premium membership, you can change your connection browser to a browser that you often use.

After turning off the notification settings for each group chat room, set the notification settings for the group chat room as shown in the image below.

And we are developing a function that only receives notifications of malicious URLs.

Press the “All Catcher” icon to navigate to the application information.

In Application Information, click Notification.

Please choose silent.