09 - ISO 27001 certification obtained

____Intellectual Property Startup Competition Wins "Best Award"

07 - The 17th Korea Excellent Patent

____Award (IT/Solution Sector)

____Daejeon D-Bridge Project Selection

____Selected for Patent Technology

____Transfer Support Project

06 - Participating in Mapo District Office's Science Creativity Festival

05 - Choosing R&D Projects for Stepping Stone Services in

____Startup Growth Technology Development

____Selected for Project to Support Research Workforce in Small

____and Medium-Sized Enterprises

____(Recruitment Assistance for Experienced Researchers)

____Selected for Financial Services Commission's D-Testbed Project

04 - Selected for Innovation Field Entrepreneurship Package

____(Non-Face-to-Face Startup Development Project)

____Chosen for 'Fintech Innovation School' hosted by

____Korea Fintech Support Center

____Hunesion MOU Agreement Signed

____Chosen for IP Service Company Startup and

____Business Attraction Promotion Project

____Participating in the 27th Korea Science Festival

02 - MOU Signed with Korean National Police University

01 - Chosen for ESG Youth Entrepreneur Job Creation Support Project

12 - Participating in Daejeon Startup Hub's

____Merry Startup Festival

11 - Move-in to Daejeon Center for Creative Economy &

____Innovation, KAIST Headquarters

____KISA C-TAS Member Company Registration

10 - Participating in Incheon International Security Industry Fair

____IR Pitching Excellence Award in “Welcome to TIPS”

09 - Participating in Daejeon Science Startup Show

____Participating in MWC Las Vegas 2022 Exhibition in the USA

08 - KEPCO Electric Power Research Institute Initiates

____Academic Research Business

____Approval of Venture Business Certification

____Startup Intellectual Property Voucher Project

____(1 PCT Application)

____Two Domestic Patents (are) Pending for

____Daejeon Innovative Growth Voucher

____Korea Electric Power Corporation's 'Cyber Attack

____Response Automation' Project

07 - 2022 MWC Las Vegas Exhibition Support Project Award

____MOU with D&C Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

____Selected for Daejeon Innovative Growth Voucher Support Project

____Initial Startup Package IP Support Program

____(1 domestic application)

____MOU with D&C Biotechnology

06 - Support from the Social Impact Changers

____Commercialization Fund

____Support for social impact changers labor costs

____Challenge! K-Startup Successfully Passed Regional Qualifier

05 - Chosen for the 3rd Social Impact Changers

____Chosen for Early Startup Packages

____Chosen for the 2nd Batch of Chungnam Creative Economy

____Innovation Center

04 - Approval of Corporate-Affiliated Research Institute

____Chosen for Startup Intellectual Property Voucher Project

____Chosen as the 11th Startup NEST

03 - Credit Guarantee Fund's Step-Up Guarantee

____Headquarters moved into SPACE-S, an AI technology exchange

____space in Daedeok Inopolis

02 - Recognition as a Social Venture Company

____Cheonan start up Maru Navi Branch has relocated to

01 - MOU signed with Art Co., Ltd.

____Chosen as AI Voucher Provider

12 - Chosen as an innovative company for the 5th Innovator's Day

____Chosen as an incubator company by Chungnam Creative

____Economy Innovation Center

11 - Received 'Encouragement Award' in IP Entrepreneurship Club and

____Entrepreneurship Idea Competition

10 - Chosen as an outstanding company for enhancing

____pre-startup package capabilities

____Chosen for IP Stepping Stone Project

____(2 domestic patents, 1 PCT application)

07 - Formation of Pillsang Co., Ltd.

06 - Chosen Pre-startup Package

03 - MOU signed with Chungnam National University's Convergence

____Security Research Center

____MOU with Querensys Co., Ltd.

Pillsang Co., Ltd.

Pillsang Co., Ltd.

Business Registration Number : 848-88-02387 | CEO : Kang Pillsang

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